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Multi-tiered sculpture

Twenty-two separate sections were raised, maneuvered, and connected to each other on a rolling platform at finished height. Custom steel cables were fabricated on site to precise length and terminated with low profile hardware. Completed piece is approximately 63′ long, 9′ tall, 17′ wide and weighs nearly 3 tons.

Circular truss in corporate headquarters

Unique architecture with exposed structure required careful planning and equipment specifications. Newly designed rigging clamps for round beams were customized further to fit in limited space.

Precise control of 7,000 pound LED panels

Ten sets of hi-resolution LED panels were installed as ceiling panels in an upscale shopping mall. Extremely limited headroom required customized rigging clamps and attachments. Dual-speed CM Lodestar chain hoists provide precise movement for accurate positioning with a customized Motion Laboratories control system.

Fixed location lighting truss

Redundant anchor points installed to enhance safety in application with unknown future loading of truss by third party users. Additional engineering calculations provided to customer for loading guidance.

Delicate artwork

Large, fragile, artwork suspended with nearly invisible rigging hardware over busy public space.